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Poker affiliate commission - High Revenue from Ultima Partners

Join Ultima Partners and enjoy rapid growth of your profits. Being rather beneficial, online poker industry provides continuous and stable revenues. Our brand new affiliate program offers an elegant and entertaining way to raise your profits. Take advantage of our promising offers becoming Ultima Partners affiliate. We stand for caring of our partners providing them with stable payments and exclusive promotions. Ultima Partners strive for creating favourable conditions for efficient cooperation.

Revenue Share

Refer new active players and receive the corresponding RevShare. Attract more customers generating more rake and increase your status together with payment rate.

Enjoy Bronze affiliate status assigned by default and increase it according to the amount of rake spent. Learn more about Revenue Share conditions in the following table:

Partner status Percentage of Net Revenue share Amount of monthly rake required
Bronze Partner 30% $0-2000
Silver Partner 35% $2001 – 10000
Gold Partner 40% $10001 – 100000
Platinum Partner 45% $100001 and more

*According to the Welcome Conditions, during first two months from the date of registration you will get a reward of 50% of NET revenue share generated by your players. Starting from the 3rd month your earned payment will be based on your partner status. On the last day of the reporting month from 02:00 to 04:00 UTC the amount of rake generated by all referred players is counted. If the amount is equal to or exceeds the lower threshold for obtaining the status, the affiliate is given the corresponding status and RevShare. Next reporting period the affiliate gets the revenue share according to the current status.

CPA (Cost per Action)

Get profit for every new active player and increase your status to receive higher payments. Each affiliate partner get the corresponding amount of income as follows:

Number of new active* players per month CPA income for each active* player
1-5 $30
6-10 $40
11-30 $60
31-50 $80
51+ $100

*To learn more, please go to Ultima Partners Terms and Conditions.

This type of cooperation provides a one-time payment for a referred player who has fulfilled the requirements. To receive this payment the affiliate should refer players, who have to perform corresponding series of actions to be deemed active. Afterwards, the affiliate manager must confirm payment by checking players for fraudulent and malicious actions. As soon as an affiliate partner reaches the next status limit, his revenue will be counted according to applicable status rate.

Affiliate’s payments are made once a week, every Monday from 02:00 to 04:00 UTC. Immediately after crediting to the affiliate’s account the affiliate can submit a request for withdrawal of funds.

Sub-Affiliate System

Every Ultima Partners affiliate has the chance to earn more becoming a part of sub-affiliate system. Here you benefit from the affiliates invited. Help them succeed in their endeavours and receive your own profit. The referred partner turns into sub-affiliate after following the affiliate link or by entering the affiliate code into the “Sub-Affiliate Code” field during registration. Taking advantage of this cooperation type, you will be paid upon the activities of your Sub-Affiliate in accordance to:

The reward by revenue share system The reward by CPA system
5% of total revenue generated by your Sub-Affiliates $5 per every Player attracted by your Sub-Affiliate

*Please note that for the activities of your Sub-Affiliates you will be paid according to their reward system, no matter what kind of reward system you operate.

These payments are credited once a week. Remember, that you do not benefit from your sub-affiliates’ invited partners, but only from players. Sub-affiliate system offers an alternative form of making profit. Check it out and appreciate numerous advantages of Ultima Partners sub-affiliate system designed to deliver reliable earnings.

For further details on Ultima Partners commissions, please, refer to our Terms and Conditions.

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