Poker glossary definition of Deal

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A deal or final table deal is an early end to a large tournament that comes about when all the remaining players agree to divide the prize money in some way. The distribution of prize money is usually based on the chip counts. It is also common to dole out most of the prize money and to then play the rest of the tournament to see who wins.

Kinds of Deals

Chip Count Method

Each player gets the amount that he would have surely won otherwise. The remaining portion of the prize money is distributed according to the chip standings.

ICM Method

The money value of the players' chips is calculated using an independent chip model and the prize pool is divided according to this. This method is based on the profit each player can expect to make from his current chips.

Post Deal Method

The prize pool is divided between the players so that all those active receive the same amount, but play continues for the remaining amount.

Seat+Chip Count Method

Each player gets a fixed amount for reaching this stage of the tournament. The rest is distributed according to the chip count method.