Poker glossary definition of Deuce to Seven Triple Draw

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Deuce to Seven Triple Draw


2-7 Triple Draw or Deuce to Seven Triple Draw is a lowball variant of poker where the players compete to get the worst possible hand, a lo-hand.


Each player is dealt five downcards. A round of betting ensues. This is followed by a draw round, where players may trade in an arbitrary number of their cards for new ones. Another betting round follows.

There are three such draw rounds in triple draw. Hence, a hand is played as follows:

  1. Forced bets (usually blinds) are paid and each player is dealt five downcards
  2. First betting round
  3. First drawing round - each player may discard an arbitrary number of cards and recieves new ones for each discarded card
  4. Second betting round
  5. Second drawing round
  6. Third betting round
  7. Third and final drawing round
  8. Fourth and final
  9. Showdown - remaining players compare hands to determine the winner

Rank of hands

As in all lowball variants, the object is to build the worst possible hand, called a lo hand.


  • Aces are high, unlike other games where it is also low. They are higher than Kings and all other cards.
  • Straights, flushes, and all other combinations better than a pair count. A hand with a pair beats a hand with a straight. A straight is better lo hand than a flush, and so on.

The best possibel lo hand in this variant is therefore 7,5,4,3,2 not all of one suit. This is called a wheel.


Ace to Five Triple Draw

Another variant of this kind is Ace to Five triple draw. The play is the same, only the ranking of the hands is different.

  • Aces are low; they are lower than any other card.
  • Straights and flushes do not count; they are irrelevant when evaluating the rank of ahnd.

The best possible lo hand in this variant is A,2,3,4,5, flush or not. This is still called a wheel.