How Does Pot Limit Work?

Omaha High is played most often in Pot-Limit format.

In pot limit, one has more choice in the bet sizing than in fixed limit, however it isn't possible to go directly all-in like in no-limit. It is important to know that a pot-size raise always gives 2:1 odds for a call.

In pot limit, a raise must be at least the size of the last bet. To know how big the maximum raise is, one counts the money in the pot and the previous bet multiplied by 2. Here is the formula:

Potsize raise = size of the pot + 2*(amount to call)

Example: You are first in before the flop. What is the maximum raise?

The pot is 1.5BB (small blind + big blind), and you have to call 1BB. A potsize raise here would be 1.5BB + 2*(1BB) = 3.5 BB.

Let's take another example, after the flop.

The pot is at 10BB and you are heads-up. Your opponent bets 8BB. What is your maximum raise?

Pot size raise = 10BB + 2*(8BB) = 26BB. The raise is 26BB, thus the total bet would be 34BB.

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