Fair poker games at Ultima Poker - the most fair poker

Ultima Poker is fully dedicated to providing safe, fun and fair gaming environment for each and every one of our players. We take every necessary precaution and step to protect the integrity of our Poker Room. Above all, we want our Players to feel confident in the trust they place in us and the games that we host; and to know that they will be treated with the utmost of respect. Further, we maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards players acting unethically, unfairly or incorrectly while playing with their fellow Players.

To assure the integrity of our Poker games, the Ultima Poker "Dealer" is actually a computer. To ensure that performance is truly random, Ultima Poker utilizes the trusted Random Number Generator (RNG) which provides consistently random outcomes to the games. Viraxy RNG is a Hardware Random Number Generator ComScire PureQuantum Model PQ32MU. It is licensed by iTech Labs (View the RNG Certificate). The system has been rigorously tested by running millions of rounds and examining results. The system is also systematically tested by Ultima Poker.

Ultima Poker offers a variety of games, allowing us to offer our Players a wider selection of gaming experiences. All games at Ultima Poker pass a number of additional procedures undertaken to ensure that they adhere to the highest standards. The games undergo an approval process that includes an initial acceptance test, functionality testing of all gaming actions and associated events, regression testing after version uploads, and continual post production testing.

We also provide our Players with an easy to use online log of their game results. This information may be reviewed any time, and includes bets amounts, game results, as well as Deposit and Withdrawal records.

Ultima Poker provides our Players with an online log of their game results (please see How can I see the history of my hands?). This information may be reviewed at any time, by pressing the “Hands history” tab. In the opened tab, select the number of hands or tournaments, the history of which you want to receive and click the “Submit” button. The history of your hands and/or tournaments will be sent by e-mail that you used during the registration.

Collusion will not be tolerated at Ultima Poker. Players found acting in concert will be permanently banned from Ultima Poker (please see Terms and Conditions).

Ultima Poker has developed and employs sophisticated proprietary technology intended to seek out players acting in collusion, as well as many other types of fraudulent behavior. Additionally, this technology aids in the accurate identification of individuals who, for a variety of reasons, should not be playing at Ultima Poker.

Ultima Poker will utilize all means at its disposal to investigate Players suspected of acting in Collusion, as well as allegations of other types of suspicious or unethical behavior.

We hope that you enjoy your playing experience at Ultima Poker, and will feel absolutely secure in the knowledge that we do everything in our power to maintain the safest, fun and fair gaming environment online.