What is cash poker game?

Cash games represent a kind of poker games in which players sitting at the table may declare an arbitrary stack, play as long as they wish, and leave the game when they want. Bets which take place in this game depend on the table limits that are announced in advance and do not change throughout the game.

There are also a number of other features that are specific to cash games:

Bets. In cash games bets do not change over time of the game, so the game can last as long as players wish. The optimal strategy in the tournament games significantly differs from optimal strategy in the cash games. In the tournaments the size of bets - the blinds (or antes) - raises at regular intervals that are established by tournament rules. Even if the stack increases during the tournament, its relative size can be reduced, due to the fact that the bets rise over time.

Strategy. From the foregoing it is clear that in cash game a player can choose game strategy and change it when needed. The player can play aggressively, bluff frequently or play carefully (tightly).

Time. Cash game time is limited by players themselves; therefore, the result can be evaluated only in a long distance.

Tasks. By participating in cash games, the player has to solve the main task: to strive to win as many chips, because the chips are the equivalent of money. The main criteria when deciding on a bet (raising) is mathematical expectation, i.e. whether the decision will be positive in a long run.

At Ultima Poker you can find a wide variety of limits ranging from NL2 (the sum of the buy-in from $1 to $2) to the exorbitant NL5000 (the sum of the buy-in from $2,500 to $5,000). Click the Cash Game tab on the navigation bar and select a table that you like.

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