Sit & Go Poker Tournaments

Sit & Go Tournaments (or simply S&G) represent a great discipline for poker learners, because they include all the fundamentals of a tournament game and they do not last too long. For several reasons the strategy of SnG differs a lot from the game in common tournaments.

The most important lesson, that SnG tournaments teach us, is the importance of your stack. Understanding how the stack can be used as a weapon and how its relative value changes is the foundation of SnG strategy.

Once you learn the basics, it's time to take on more advanced component of SnG Strategy - model of independent chips, also known as the ICM. Your tournament chips have their own value, but the ICM will teach you to determine how much they are really worth at any given moment of the tournament. It’s not easy to master ICM, but it is very important for a successful player in the SnG.

Aggression during a pre-flop is also a key component of the SnG poker. In all embodiments of poker, the strategy shows how important it is to be the aggressor. Once you have mastered the SnG bubble game, you will be able to dispose and raise your stack more efficiently and without unnecessary fear.

At Ultima Poker you can always find a huge selection of S&G tournaments with a wide variety of buy-ins.

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