Bounty Tournaments at Ultima Poker

Bounty is a function which provides compensation for knocking out one or more players from the tournament.

Usually, the reward is presented in monetary form. The player, who has knocked out an opponent from the game, gets his bounty as a reward. The total amount of bounties is composed of rewards for all the eliminated players. In addition, the winner gets the opportunity to return the amount paid for their bounty. The award may be given for each opponent knocked out from the game or the prize can be awarded for the "head" of a particular player.

Participants of the bounty tournaments in addition to the entry fee (buy-in) also pay an additional amount – bounty itself. This additional amount mostly does not change throughout the tournament. Sometimes more elaborate scheme is used, in which the size of player’s bounty increases according to how successfully they manage to knock opponents out from the game.

Having bounty in a particular tournament allows adding a touch of diversity to a familiar game. Focusing on the opportunity to get the bounty, professional players try their best to adapt to the game changing its course. For example, game participants are more likely to call a bet of a player who has a small amount of chips and goes all-in.

To get bounty prize, you don’t need to have ultima leadership in the hand. The main condition - the opponent, who you want to knock out of the game, should not have any chips left as a result. To do so, you need at least the same amount of chips as your opponent.

If you are interested in this kind of tournaments, you can always find this category of games at Ultima Poker using tournament filters. Click the "Tournaments" tab on the navigation bar in the main lobby and in the “Type” filter category tick “Bounty Tournaments” checkbox.

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