What Is Multi Table Tournament?

Multi Table Tournaments are now the most famous version of the game: you can literally win a lot of money in one night. MTT strategy differs greatly from cash games because every decision you make may be the last. It all comes down to a balance between playing to win and playing for survival.

Usually, the prize is made from about 10% of multi-table tournaments field, and only a few players get really big payouts. As a result, the MTT strategy is largely reduced to the accumulation of chips with an eye toward the final table and to survive for the purpose of sneaking into a prize zone.

However, in the MTT poker there are also situations where a wait for the departure of one player could mean the biggest prize in your entire career. It is important to know when it is possible to make a step up in the tournament ladder.

MTT strategy also requires you to understand the differences in the dynamics of the game in the early, middle and late stages of the tournament, as your stacks will always be different. You also need to know your relative position in the MTT, to decide if you need to go for a greater risk, or put pressure on the players who are just trying to survive.

In MTT poker, strong nerves are also important, because the mathematical dispersion will not let you get to the final table every time. Sometimes it’s very difficult to accept a bad beat at the end of a long session, but good players know how to accept a defeat and continue to move forward with a positive attitude. You can only try to invest your chips under the best chances. You must understand that in the long run a good game will certainly pay off.

At Ultima Poker you will always find a huge range of tournaments with different buy-ins that will suit both novices and poker pros.

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