The Origin of Poker Terms and Their Meaning. Glossary of poker terms.

For an outside observer poker may seem mysterious phenomenon with a bunch of words understandable only for initiates. Beginners sometimes see poker terms and phrases frightening and complicated. Moreover, every day players come up with new poker game terms and abbreviations to describe their performance.

In this list you will find key terms used in poker that you will certainly meet on your way. Poker history is usually enigmatic, however we will try to trace the origin of common poker terms.

Main Poker Terms

  1. Flop

This part of poker terminology means 3 community cards coming first. After next betting round fourth card is opened, then betting round follows, and finally  the fifth card, known from explained poker terms and meanings list as river.

The origin of one of basic words among poker game terms is unclear, however, those who are interested in etymology believe that it is connected with how the dealer throws cards on the table. Movements used by some dealers are similar to the flop (literally "throwing"), but clear historical evidence in favor of this fact is absent.

  1. Nuts

This part of poker terminology means that if you have nuts, then now the best hand is yours. Nobody can beat you with a nuts hand. It is worth noting that a hand cannot become nuts after flop.

Nuts have nothing to do with cashews or other nuts. In the American Wild West players often left their carts with horses. To prevent escape in case of a loss, nuts and bolts were screwed from the wheels of the cart, and were put on the table. One of poker terms and phrases means confidence of a player.

  1. Blinds

Poker terminology states that blinds mean bets made by 2 players before the cards are dealt. They were introduced to make players more active. Usually big blind and small blind are used.

The origin of such poker terminology is obvious as these mandatory bets are made before cards dealt.

  1. Button

Button is a symbolic disc or other object that moves one position clockwise to appoint the nominal dealer. In every glossary of poker terms you’ll find that it determines what players should pay blinds.

  1. Tilt

Some players like to recall situations when they succumbed to tilt or made a bank on someone who did. According to glossary of poker terms to fall into tilt, means to lose control of your emotions. Players in tilt take wrong decisions and, as a consequence, play very badly. Players often fall into tilt after they lose with a strong hand or otherwise receive a bad beat.

  1. Limp

From glossary of poker terms limp means call on the first betting round before the flop. Limp is considered a weak game, because you do not control your opponents, but rely entirely on the flop to win the hand.

Of course, poker vocabulary includes hundreds of words and phrases. The more one plays the more interesting expressions will enrich his knowledge in poker.