Building Omaha Poker Hand

There are a few very important rules in Omaha for the composition of hands:

Every player must use exactly 2 of his 4 hole cards and exactly 3 of the community cards. No more, no less!

So for example if one holds AKT2 then one does not have a flush on a board like J9632 with four hearts. The same goes for a hand like A-K-8-2 on a T-9-7-6-3 board where one would not have a straight. Naturally a starting hand with four of a kind, such as 9-9-9-9, is totally worthless, as it cannot improve and will just be one pair on the final board. Similarly, a hand with three of a kind, like 8-8-8-5, has very little value, since it has only one out to improve to a set.

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