How is Omaha Played?

Each player is dealt 4 pocket cards, face down. After the first betting round, 3 community cards are dealt on the board, the flop. Then comes another round of betting and another community card, the turn. After the 3rd betting round comes the final community card, the river, followed by the last round of betting. Like in every variant, the community cards are available to every player. In every betting round players have the following possibilities: Check, Call, Bet, Raise or Fold.

When a fullring table is fully occupied, or in other words, in a ten-player game, a total of 40 cards from the deck are dealt. Since there are also five community cards, and a card deck contains 52 cards, there are only 7 unused cards at the end of a hand.

Because the game is played with 4 cards rather than 2, there are a lot more possible combinations than in Texas Hold'em. Naturally, this means that one can have many more outs as well. While the biggest number of possible outs in hold'em is 21 (straight flush draw with overcards) you can easily have draws with 29 or more outs in Omaha.

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