Two Players Post A Blind

Before the cards are dealt, two players must post a blind bet. These bets are called blinds, because they are posted by players who haven't seen their cards yet. There is one small bet, the small blind, and one big bet, the big blind. The big blind is usually double the small blind.

These bets aren't posted by just anyone, but always by the two players sitting to the left of the dealer. Since the dealer position moves around the table in a clockwise fashion, so does the responsibility of posting the blinds. In order to recognize the current dealer, a special chip is placed in front of the current dealer. This chip is called the button, or dealer button.

Everyone Receives Two Cards

Now each player is dealt two cards and the first round of betting begins. Do you have strong enough cards to invest chips or money, or should you throw away your cards? How the betting works is explained in the next section.

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