Start Time: Sunday, 19:00 UTC
Buy In: $52.5
Game Type: No Limit Hold’em
Players Per Table: 9
Guaranteed Prize: $2,000 / $25 bounty
Starting Chips: 5,000
Blind Levels: Every 10 minutes
Late Registration: 120 minutes
Rebuys: No
Add on: No

Ultima Battle

Intend not only to win the prize but also to feel the thrill of real withstanding? Then knocking out your opponents and winning more in Ultima Battle is exactly for you. Measure your strength with poker players of various level and experience the real battle.

You can try our unbelievable bounty tourney every Sunday at 19:00 UTC, paying $52.5 of buy-in. No Limit Hold’em struggle will show who is the real pro ready to stand up for oneself. Compete for the prize of $2,000 and get extra $25 for each player whom you managed to knock out. Ultima Battle is waiting for its winner so do not hesitate to participate.

Satelites Shedule

Tournament Start Time Buy In Players Per Table Guaranteed Prize Starting Chips Blind Levels Late Regisrtation Rebuys Add On
Satellite 1 Mon - Sat, 17:00 UTC $5,5 9 2 tickets 3000 every 5 min 60 min yes yes
Satellite 2 Mon - Sat, 20:00 UTC $11 9 4 tickets 3000 every 10 min 60 min yes yes

Ultima Battle Terms and Conditions

All players who want to take part in the tournament must accept the following Terms and Conditions